Balance your vibration with Mother Earth

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I know many of us are feeling the unbalanced vibrations in our world that to me seem to be getting more and more intense each day. Being empathic it can be difficult for me to disengage from feeling things deeply. Especially seeing so much pain in the news and our world. I do admit to checking the news so I am not ignorant to what is going on but I do turn it off. I also don’t stay on social media I just check in. This helps me to not get overwhelmed. Getting out in nature and playing with my flowers and dogs keeps me feeling centered. These are things that help me stay grounded and anchored in my own self. Going outside and connecting to the elements makes me connect to the earth and her gifts. I breathe in the air, look at the sea, the trees, and realize these elements which are wild and not bound in time have seen more than I have seen and it puts me in the moment with a sense of awe. Being sensitive I often can feel shifts as they are happening and it can hit as a anxious wave of feeling then I turn on the news and see what happened and that wave of feeling leaves but when I feel those energy waves honestly I cringe a little like bracing for a big wave to hit. I know many of you are feeling the same way.

In times of change there is often chaos, darkness, and things tend to go hugely out of balance. Also keeping to our own personal inner work is still hugely important to not lose sight of as it assists in raising the Earth’s Consciousness. I have been praying a lot as it creates a feeling of peace within myself and a sense of contributing to the bigger web of energy that interconnects all of us and the earth and somehow this prayer passes into the storm that is raging in the world. Sending Grace, Calmness, Healing…..please join me in this prayer.

Jessica Kozak

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