Tapping Into Your Divine Intuition

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We are all intuitive Beings.  As a result of living in a Patriarchal Society, we have forgotten how to trust our intuition.  In the past people were looked down upon, scorned, or even killed for using their intuitive abilities.  It is no wonder that it is something that each of us has within but have ignored.  

Within each of us is our own Divine Intuitive language.  Not one of us is the same which means we receive our information slightly differently.  Some of us may be more Clairvoyant or Clear Seeing, Clairsentient or Clear Feeling, or Clairaudient or Clear Hearing. Some of us are more primary in one area and through working and practicing you can develop abilities in other areas.

Intuition is something that we all have.  Some of us seem to have been born more wired to be psychic or Intuitive, but that doesn’t mean that people who aren’t are lacking this ability.  It just means it is out of practice.  I have been Intuitive since a small child.  I am primarily Clairsentient and Clairvoyant.  It was perceived by my loved ones that I was Hyper-Sensitive.  It was looked upon as a handicap or something unfortunate.  I owned this belief and worked very hard to shut down my intuition.  It re-surfaced again in my late teens and I was forced to look at it, and it has been in the past 20 years that I truly stepped out fully into my Intuitive abilities.
I am now offering a course called Tapping Into Your Divine Intuition which is based on my own experiences. in the course, I share what I have learned about how I receive information and work with my Intuition. While this may be completely different from person to person, you can use this class as a tool to tap into your own intuitive power, as it touches upon the similar gifts we all share, and how to use them.

Intuition speaks to us in a symbolic language at times.  In order to develop your intuition you need to TRUST, and PRACTICE.  It is like going to the gym and lifting weights.  Your muscles start to get more defined and bigger!  It is important to feel safe when you practice so participating with family members, friends, or Intuitive Circles is very helpful. For me, I started out by practicing my intuitive abilities while doing Reiki.  It helped me learn to trust what I was receiving and not thinking it over too much.  After a while I noticed more and more people were coming for a reading during their treatment rather than a treatment!  So that is when I felt nudged to put out Angelic Guidance Readings and I haven’t looked back since.

You can use your own Intuitive language to receive guidance and wisdom in how to recreate your life, make decisions in alignment with your soul purpose, how to avoid sabotaging situations, and to recognize when you are in the right place.  This is how your Intuition works for you!  You can offer it to others to help them see their own divine guidance, but primarily it should be used firstly for yourself.

Here is an outline of topics and techniques addressed in the course:

​Guidelines for Tapping into your Intuition:

1) Shielding techniques for protection.  

2) Grounding and centering yourself through meditation. 

3) Communicating – Ways to receive information from your intuition.  

4) Ways to Communicate –Writing, Oracle cards, holding personal effects or human touch.  

5) Closing the Session – How to cleanse your energy, bring your awareness back to your body and give thanks to the higher powers who guided you. 

With blessings,

Jessica Kozak

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