How to Anchor In Your Own Peaceful Center When You Are Empathic

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We are living in turbulent times. Those of us who are Empath’s are feeling everything. In my practice I am having clients  who never identified as empaths having a hard time filtering out the chaos. The energy surrounding and within our world is very out of balance as most of us know. It is hard to shield ourselves in this environment without fully isolating and ignoring everything. My guides give me an image of myself underwater in a shark cage as a Great White keeps ramming into it. 

The cage would represent my protective boundary and the Great White the Chaos of the world continually battering against the shield. While the shield holds I am getting rattled around and shaken. I think many of us are feeling this way. An anxiety we can’t shake.  Some of my clients describe it as a feeling of impending doom. 

We are witnessing much that we have zero control over so now it is very important to focus on our personal lives, families and navigating ourselves into the calm center of the storm.  In that calm center we anchor into our own peaceful center.

Here are some survival steps for getting to your calm center.

  1. Limit your exposure to the media/news. I feel it is important to stay informed and not be ignorant to what is happening but to surround ourselves in it to much makes it appear the whole world is on fire and burning. Fear and helplessness takes over and nothing good comes of that. There are still also good things happening in the world! Creating a balance is helpful. I make a point to read about something uplifting when I need a break. We all need a break! 💛
  2. Add an extra layer to your energy Bubble! Now is the time for reinforcements lol. I have had to add an extra layer of protection around my daily energy field. I also have stabilized it with anchors to hold it steady to the ground so it won’t shake from the chaos as much. I am able to move through the emotions I feel much faster and navigate what is mine and what is not. I may have to reinforce it more often than usual but that is ok. What ever you use to shield yourself add some extra reinforcements.
  3. Rest and Self-Care – Sometimes Self Care Feels like a chore and resting feels impossible. It won’t work if it feels like a chore or too much effort. Now more than ever we are feeling more tired and drained. Simple tools like a nice walk outside in nature, a soak in a hot bath with epsom salt, a shower with a salt scrub, or even just 5-mins of deep breathing can make a big difference. Even certain chores like washing the dishes can shut the mind off and be meditative. I don’t like washing dishes but something about the water running and the mindlessness of it calms the mind. Coloring, painting, reading books are other ways of turning the mind off.  A little bit of self-care and rest will go a long way. Don’t burden yourself with an endless task list of self-care requests then feel guilty when you don’t meet all the demands. It is self-defeating. This is a time of being gentle with one-self.

Here is Prayer you can use to help yourself during this time.  You can rewrite to fit your own personal spiritual expression. 

Holy Spirit of Universe shield and protect me in your healing energy. Assist me in letting go of heavy emotions and triggers I allow to my energy in today’s chaotic world. Move through my mind body and spirit bringing healing light to all things unbalanced and return me to my center. Forgiving myself and others for any misguided perceptions and returning back to right mindedness in present time. As I move forward one step at a time be my light in the dark guiding my steps allowing me to shine brightly in the darkness. Releasing fear of the unknown, of chaos, and darkness. Bring me back into my own personal truth and purpose for this life.

Thank You, And so It is ❤️

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🔥❤️Rev Jessica Kozak Shaw

Owner of The Soul Purpose

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