My Life With My Spirit Guide Purple Rose

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I get asked often by my clients “Jess how do I know who my Spirit Guides are?”.  It is one of the most commonly asked questions I hear.  It was one I used to ask myself even though the answers always were right under my nose.  We have more than one Spirit Guide.  They help us with certain parts of our lives.  For this blog I will focus on my relationship with one of my main guides who calls herself “Purple Rose”. My journey with Purple Rose has been an interesting one.  She has revealed herself slowly to me over the past 26 years and we have developed such an amazing relationship.  I am writing this blog and sharing our relationship to show how sometimes our guides give subtle hints of their presence and sometimes completely bonk us over the head.

In 1995 I discovered the book “ Ask Your Angels” by Alma Daniel which had opened up a whole world for me of angels and spirit guides.  I had been having spiritual and intuitive experiences since a small child but never quite understood them.  I have never felt alone.  I have always felt as if there was a presence with me.  A comforting presence but I never had understood why or could describe it to anyone.  I read this book and it brought a lot of meaning and explanation to my life.  It also brought grounded exercises and an organized approach for a beginner to start to navigate this new journey.  It fit some pieces together for me and gave me some explanations to my childhood experiences. At that time I was unaware that there were even teachers or classes of such topics in the world so I was pretty reliant on finding books and learning on my own.

At the time I was 19 years old and I would light my candle and say my prayers for protection  and open up my journal and write the question Who is my spirit guide or spirit guides?  What message do you have for me today?  How can you help me with my life?  This went on for quite a few years.  I often got very similar messages of support and encouragement.  I would find  I  would doodle a flower or rose while channeling in the journal and write next to it “purple flower, purple rose”.  I would dismiss it thinking it was too generic or cliché.  Her name was always right there but it didn’t sink in.  

Fast Forward about 5 years.  At this time I am working at a Credit Union working as a Home Equity Loan Department Supervisor.  I was a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner at the time and still very much a baby healer. I had just worked through lunch and ate at my desk.  We had all ordered from a local pizza place and I had my napkin from there on my desk.  I was going to get back to the loan I was underwriting when all a sudden this energy overcame me.  I knew I was receiving something important and I had to write it all down.  I grabbed the pen closest to me which happened to be a red pen and that pizza napkin.  I started jotting down what was coming to me.  I was told I would have a holistic wellness center and that I would teach classes there along with others and have services offered there like reiki, acupuncture, meditation, holistic counseling, energy healing and more that I would come to understand in the future.  The purpose of this place would be to raise consciousness on the planet one person at a time and the name of it would need to be called The Soul Purpose.  

I sat back as my surroundings came back into focus and looked at what I had written.  I was like huh that is interesting.  At that time in my life it was really hard for me to see that.  I was in love with Reiki and knew I wanted that to be in my life but I was young and ambitious and really focused on a career in the financial industry.  I didn’t even know holistic centers were a thing! I didn’t have anything to frame it around in my mind or compare it to.  I knew of smaller places like where I had taken my reiki training but what I had written down had just appeared a bit daunting to me.  It was far out of reach and I didn’t understand why I needed to name it The Soul Purpose when I could come up with so many other trendier sounding names!

Over the next few years go on I go on to get my Reiki Master Training and continue studying books on meditation and energy medicine.  I moved up to the Boston area as I got a new position in a bank managing mortgage operations.  I was about 26 years old at the time and decided to create a vision board which I kept up in my little apartment at the time. I put the Soul Purpose and all the information from the napkin onto that vision board.  During that time I also started to volunteer at a place called Open Doors weekly at their Healer Evenings, getting experience in offering energy healing to people who came every week.  I started to connect with other people in the community and also see that there were holistic centers out there.  I started to have a framework for the vision. During this time and over the next couple years I would also continue with my channeling in the journal, continuing to get encouraging and supportive messages from my “unknown” spirit guide who would sign her name Purple Rose or The Purple Rose.  Her messages were consistent and supportive.  She started to tell me I would have a center but start it out slowly to ease into it so I could believe more in myself and see that it could happen. I started to consciously pray and think about starting a business of my own.  It was to do Reiki.  At the time I couldn’t see anything else as I hadn’t branched beyond it but I was allowing my mind to branch out.

A year and half goes by and I meet my ex-husband and we start dating and after a year we get engaged.  I move to Dighton and plan our wedding and we also buy a house.  I get a job closer to home at a different bank as an officer managing mortgage wholesale operations.  As we move into the house it dawns on me that there is a nice in-law type set-up to the house that has its own entrance with parking.  It was a nice size room that I could set up for Reiki treatments and then have another area for small classes.  This is where The Soul Purpose was born!  I didn’t call it The Soul Purpose at first.  I called it Jessica’s Reiki Healing because at the time that is all it was.  I started off slow with 1 client, which turned to 2, which turned to a few a week.  I developed a consistent part-time practice while working full time at the bank.  I loved doing Reiki!  I continued my channeling with Purple Rose and started to refer to her by that name even though I felt it was just too easy of a name! She would state I should start to expand my training to aromatherapy and other healing modalities so I can bring it into my new business and expand my service base.  I did go and get training in Aromatherapy, Herbalism, and Thetahealing.  Then I changed the business name to The Soul Purpose.  It felt right and I started to get busier.  

Then I went with a friend to an appointment to see a Medium at a gallery style event.  The Medium came up to me and said you have a spirit guide named Purple Rose! Well that confirmed it! That was her name! I was so excited and felt silly and ashamed that I didn’t just believe in myself over the years for all the times she consistently and patiently told me her name.  I went home and pulled out my composition books from over the years and saw the consistency of her giving me her name with the image of the little flower I would doodle.  She would tell me to open up and trust in my gifts and gently push me.  I felt so grateful for her. I felt excited!  I could feel my vision for The Soul Purpose started to form with her gentle nudging.  I wasn’t sure how but I felt determined to continue on.  While I was successful in my banking career and grateful for it I felt most fulfilled while working in the healing arts and assisting others on their healing paths.  It was assisting me on my own healing path.  

Jessica’s Purple Rose that she keeps on her mantle at home

In August of 2006 I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Sarah.  During this time I did a weekend training in Magnified Healing and felt the presence of Purple Rose even closer.  She encouraged me to just keep on the path.  She nudged me to then contact my Reiki instructor and move forward in the path of Reiki Master Teacher training which I did.  I did most of that apprenticeship through my pregnancy knowing that I wanted to bring the gift of Reiki to as many as I could.  My teacher mentored and taught me a lot about the world of energy and even creating a deeper relationship with our guides.  During this time I did a spirit guide workshop with her to try and connect deeper.  My teacher brought us through this deep guided meditation and I could feel myself going into this deep space of relaxation and quiet.  As the teacher guides us to connect and meet our spirit guide I find myself in the middle of a beautiful galaxy with nebulas and planets and this deep purple color to sky.  I seemed to be held in a glass box in the middle of this galaxy.  I did not feel panicked but felt safe, held and contained.  I was just held in this container in the galaxy looking out, marveling at the beauty but didn’t get to “meet” my spirit guide or talk to anyone.  Being human and having an expectation I felt disappointment at not being able to meet a “being”.  I wanted to meet Purple Rose or one of my spirit guides and while I had this amazing experience of being held in the middle of a beautiful galaxy I didn’t understand what it all meant.  

Some time goes by.  I left the bank to pursue The Soul Purpose full time and raise my daughter in January 2007.  She was born in May of 2007.  I was at home with her and was sitting at my computer preparing a brochure for a workshop. I typed out “THE SOUL PURPOSE” and then before my eyes the words scrambled and changed using the letters of the soul purpose to look like this:




I rubbed my eyes and was like what just happened!  She used the letters that make up my business name to write her name.  All the letters in The Soul Purpose are letters in Purple Rose.  I realized at that moment that she named The Soul Purpose and this was why it had to be named that!  I felt such love pour into me at that moment.  Such expansiveness.  I still experience this all the time and I know it is her.

As the years went on The Soul Purpose has grown.  I moved it out of the Dighton home location in October 2010 into a location in Somerset on 138 where I was for about a 1.5 years and then outgrew it.  Then I moved to the plaza where I am currently located in Swansea and was in a 750 sq ft unit which I outgrew in another 2 years and moved to a 1500sq ft unit in the same plaza.  There the Soul Purpose was able to grow over a 6 year period in leaps and bounds.  While there one of my teachers came and did a Sound Healing Experience and I decided to lay on the floor and join in.  I easily went into a deep meditative state and felt so relaxed.  All of a sudden I felt myself grow so expanded and elevated.  I felt I was encompassed and part of a whole universe.  I was living and breathing in planets, mountains, oceans, trees, and felt so vast and limitless. I was interconnected with everything.  At the same moment I felt so tiny and small as a grain of sand and insignificant yet so loved, peaceful and held. It was all so beautiful and awe inspiring.  There was some piece of me aware that my physical body was on the floor and ok but I enjoyed this mystical experience while it lasted. I understood in that moment how significant and insignificant I was and it was amazing.  I will come back to this as it will all tie in at the end.  

Fast forward to the present time.  I am in the same plaza but The Soul Purpose is now in a 2250sq ft unit that has been built for us and I can see even that won’t be able to accommodate what it is continuing to grow to be. I have been feeling Purple Rose stepping forward even more wanting to reveal more of herself to me.  I have never felt like I have seen her true form and when I would ask her she would come through cloaked in purple.  I finally said I feel it is time to see you! I feel you are very vast and big and don’t want to frighten me.  I started to get imagery of galaxies again and started to wonder if her form was more of a non-form and that of a void for source and consciousness to awaken.  I asked before bed one night to see a form of her in my dreams. That night in my dream I was underwater and saw a beautiful gigantic blue octopus that I was not afraid of.  I could breathe yet I was under the water.  I looked into her eyes and saw this swirling energy of purple that looked like galaxies but she exuded such love.

I woke up and felt such intense love. Then I had the thought “Wait! The Purple Rose is a gigantic octopus!!”.  Throughout the day I felt her presence even stronger, whispering to me that more growth is coming and I would be stepping into even more aspects of myself I had previously denied.  She would help me with a future program I would be teaching at The Soul Purpose and the book I need to write.  I am currently creating a writing nook in my house because of this!  She started to let me know she had many forms and that she does encompass a galaxy and a Purple Rose Healing Void, so to speak. Rather than travel up and outward to the galaxies, she goes down through the deeper part of the oceans where people don’t like to travel, she says, and goes through the dimensions that way.  She says I don’t have to understand all this right now but that her biggest goal is helping and participating in the great awakening of humanity.  She was the galaxy I experienced in that spirit guide meditation when I was sitting in the glass box waiting to meet a being in physical form.  She was the experience I had while in deep meditation while feeling I was a whole universe yet also so small as a grain of sand.  Purple Rose has helped me create The Soul Purpose and grow it to what it is today, but in growing the Soul Purpose it has also led me down the path to my own deep transformational healing. I find as I grow the Soul Purpose grows and for that it has been an amazing journey. Leave it to me to have a very unique spirit guide but I feel so lucky to have her! I hope she feels lucky to have me!

I recently had someone by the name of Leslie Baker do my spirit art.  She didn’t know me and she spends the whole day channeling your spirit art painting and then does a reading over the phone. She is amazing!!!  She was so amazing that I messaged her and asked her if she had ever channeled a spirit guide before.  She said no but was willing to try.  I did not tell her much about Purple Rose as I wanted to see what came through.  Purple Rose came through really strongly to Leslie and Leslie had to block off a weekend to manage her energy.  She got amazing messages but most of what was amazing was her portrait which validated everything for me.  Below is my spirit art portrait from Leslie and the Portrait of Purple Rose.  I also included the below info on Leslie if you are interested in connecting with her.  I am teaching a Spirit Guide Class on Tuesday Oct 19th in-Person and Online.  I will also be recording it so if you would like to attend or purchase a copy of the recording contact us at


Thank you for reading.,

Jessica Kozak Shaw  

Leslie Baker’s info:

Scheduling :



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