The Soul Purpose Expands It’s Physical And Spiritual Space In Swansea MA

Read this recent article as it appeared in The Herald News about our exciting expansion:

SWANSEA — Blending her business and spiritual sides, Jessica Kozak has been expanding Soul Purpose, a haven for the soul, for years in the Swansea area.
Yoga, starting on Jan. 6, is her newest offering to compliment a wide spanning spiritual menu that dabbles in everything from meditation to psychic development.
“It’s a holistic educational center, and a wellness center,” Kozak said. “We’re really excited.”
Her physical location at LaPointe Plaza, 1225 GAR Highway, will also change. But Soul Purpose won’t go far. It will be in a bigger space in the same plaza.
“It’s been exciting and scary,” said Kozak, who started her business in 2005 in an in-law apartment in Dighton. “We’ve grown so much. It challenges you to take a chance on your vision and yourself.”
From Dighton, she moved to a site in Somerset, which she “outgrew in a year,” and then to a 750-foot location in her current plaza. She moved to a 1,400-foot unit about six years ago, and when construction is finished, she’ll take up a new storefront with 2,200 square feet inside.
“I helped design the new space,” Kozak said.
A larger room for regular yoga classes will be part of the addition.
“I’ve always wanted to have yoga,” Kozak said. “There was a need for it. I’m excited to offer it.”
She said classes will mainly focus on traditional Hatha and Vinyassa yoga disciplines and will include stretching, exercise and meditation for all levels.
“We’re all shapes and sizes here,” Kozak said.
With a background in banking and a degree in both business and psychology, Kozak brings her two worlds together for her clients’ benefit.
Offerings at Soul Purpose include energy medicine, massage, reiki, meditation, aromatherapy, acupuncture, generational healing, psychic development, mystical oracle readings, reflexology, sound therapy, quantum healing, plus classes and trainings in some of these disciplines, and more.
There will also be an interfaith chapel at the new site.
While Kozak, an ordained minister, has a “devotion to Mother Mary,” she said the chapel is non-denominational and available to people of all, or no, faiths.
“I’m more expansive,” Kozak said. “I work with people whatever their belief system.”
She’s also a spiritual medium and said she’s been intuitive her whole life, seeing angels and helping to interpret their meaning for others.
“They’ve been a consistent presence in my life,” Kozak said. “They really try to help us get back on track. They can come as the voice of intuition.”
Bridging the holistic world to the mental health and medical communities, Kozak, a clinical aromatherapist, works with physicians, nurses, dentists and others.
“I bring professionalism to the spiritual world,” Kozak said.
Kozak said she’s excited to be growing Soul Purpose once again and expanding spiritual services.
“Sometimes, it’s surreal to see your vision manifest into reality,” she said. “I hope it inspires others to further their dreams. Nothing is impossible.”
A free introductory yoga class will be offered on Friday, Jan. 3, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. A regular yoga schedule starts Monday, Jan. 6.
An open house will be planned when the new site is open in roughly February or March. For now, Soul Purpose will continue at its present location, 1225 GAR Highway. 

Article written by Deborah Allard – Herald News Staff Reporter
This was copied from The Herald News website and is reprinted exactly as it appeared on January 2, 2020.


Original article:


Discovering the Full Expression of Yourself

A line in the book Body Centered Psychotherapy that still moves me is:

“It is most useful when we commit to moving beyond our personal limits – beyond the insane sources of useless suffering – to the full expression of who we are and what is possible.”
-Ron Kurtz

After this sentence Kurtz goes on to talk about how our core material goes deep, that “organizing beliefs are held firmly and defended strongly”.  He writes about how trying to force change to these beliefs would surely fail.  This really resonated with me personally.  I have studied different healing modalities over the past eighteen years.  On some level I was searching for my own way of rewriting some of my limiting beliefs.  Through the years I learned there really wasn’t just one “miracle modality”.  I resonated with some more than others, but found that the miracle is truly within oneself.

The biggest road block can be looking at your own feelings, beliefs, the events and memories that have shaped and organized your life and how you respond to it. The key for me was evaluating this in a heart centered space.  Being able to move from a cerebral dissection of my life to truly feeling it without criticism and judgment towards myself and others. 

I graduated from a Healer Training Program  and Energy Medicine School in 2011. It is founded by Rhys Thomas.  One of the big aspects of this training was learning about Energetic Profiles.  He termed it the Life Purpose Profiling System and it is based on the work of Dr. Alexander Lowen and Wilhelm Reich. Rhys threw his own expanded vision and study of it into it and coined it The Rhys Method/Life Purpose Profiling System.  It combines the psychological profile of personality with the energetic and physical characteristics of a person to create a comprehensive system.  We were taught this model to help ourselves by using the profiles as a map to help navigate our lives, to use as a tool to deal with problems and the stresses that are in all our lives.  Each of the energetic profiles has a shadow side (defense) and light side.  We are thrown into the shadow side as part of our training as we need to experience and accept this aspect of ourselves before we can embrace our light side fully.  This method was so freeing and healing for me. These profiles are not seen as judgements but more of a way to discern the defenses that we are experiencing in our lives, and organizing our life by.  Once I had a deeper understanding of my own profile, I was able to really dive in deeper and journey into the abyss within myself of what I like to call “Loyalties to Dysfunction”.  Some term this as Vows, Limiting Beliefs or Patterns.  I see it as a Loyalty to Dysfunction as when looking at where the belief or behavior originated, I would often find it originated as a way of keeping me safe. I created a loyalty to a behavior that kept me safe, or got me praise, or love even if the behavior in the long run caused self-harm.  Some were passed down from generations before me and I was expected to keep it going because that was how it always was.

Working with my personal devotion to self-healing, I have found it is the whole process that needs to move along. The experiences that created your beliefs need to go from being talked about, to being felt, to being studied, to being expressed, to being understood.  From my own experience in life in psychotherapy, holistic healing, personal relationships, my traditional psychology degree, I can see a pattern of how “just” talking sometimes doesn’t get you far.  A lot of times talking can keep someone in their wounds, or you may even meet the person in their wounds and that is where the relationship will stay, or that is where the person will stay.  .  

 A few years ago, I sought out my counselor again as I still had issues and resentments that kept creeping up on me that was really interfering with my self-esteem and self-worth.  I had done a ton of energy work, body work, and self-study.  I had made a lot of progress, but couldn’t seem to shake these deep seated feelings.  This counselor was not a holistic counselor.  I do feel he is deeply intuitive, and he is also very spiritual.  He asked about my spiritual beliefs and incorporated this into my work.  Going to see this counselor shifted me.  I am forever grateful.  He did use hypnosis on me to do inner child work.  He hypnotized me and brought me into the future to see the Jessica who is free of any issues and full of joy and peace.  He had me embrace her and take in those qualities.  He then brought me back to meet my inner child.  I was greeted by an angry child, who was deeply hurt and wounded. It was here I had a deep realization to the origin of some of my loyalties to dysfunction.   My Inner Child’s self-esteem was low and she was angry. She was tired and felt like she couldn’t let her guard down.  I went over and picked her up onto my lap.  I told her it was okay and that all was well now.  I embraced her and she melted into me. She knew that the adult “Jessie” would handle life now and she could at long last rest.  This work was so incredible to my healing and being able to let go. 

 “The Child and it’s experiences built the world view and the self-image.  The child was the map maker.  So, in contacting and working with the child, you have the possibility of changing those maps and the person who is now using them.”
-Ron Kurtz.   

I realize that all of our defenses, and the way we organize our experience is rooted in our inner ­­child.  We must all be one big group of children interacting in the world. 
The purpose of this blog is to encourage each of you to be fearless in your pursuit to your own healing. It isn’t an easy journey.  You get afraid, you avoid, you procrastinate.  Sometimes you need a break, sometimes you get aggravated and negative and whine about why you don’t need to do it.  What matters is that you don’t quit and you keep your focus.  It is a lifetime’s journey but one that is so worth it.  You have more peace in life.  You have an awareness and an appreciation of how you became the person are today.  You also will understand that you have a unique purpose in your life.  All of us including those that are psychotherapists, healers, spiritual teachers, etc. all have loyalties to dysfunction. Not one of us is singled out.  It really is just choosing to look at it with an open heart and loving all of yourself even the parts that have limited you.

I recommend these book links if you are interested in working with your inner child to heal and also if you are interested in understanding the Profiles:

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In this podcast, Jessica Kozak covers the following topics and more:

  • > How far into the future can we see
  • > How this affects our power of choice and free will
  • > How free will and predestination aren’t mutually exclusive
  • > How foresight can help us on our soul path
  • > Why getting “bad” or “negative” information can be helpful to us
  • > Why you get specific information for some future events and not for others
  • > If psychics are “psychic” all the time
  • > Why it’s important not to think that you aren’t intuitive or psychic

Tune in to the podcast below!


Energy Medicine and the Psychology of the Chakras – Exploring Integrative Healing

“In this episode, Sheryl Worthington Turgeon of Your Health Potential talks to Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Jessica Kozak of The Soul Purpose in Swansea Massachusetts. A registered Reiki Master-Teacher, Jessica has been doing Energy Healing for 15 years and is a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. She also holds certifications in Aromatherapy, Herbalism, and Magnified Healing. Copyright, 2013 Your Health Potential.”


Tapping Into Your Divine Intuition

We are all intuitive Beings.  As a result of living in a Patriarchal Society, we have forgotten how to trust our intuition.  In the past people were looked down upon, scorned, or even killed for using their intuitive abilities.  It is no wonder that it is something that each of us has within but have ignored.  

Within each of us is our own Divine Intuitive language.  Not one of us is the same which means we receive our information slightly differently.  Some of us may be more Clairvoyant or Clear Seeing, Clairsentient or Clear Feeling, or Clairaudient or Clear Hearing. Some of us are more primary in one area and through working and practicing you can develop abilities in other areas.

Intuition is something that we all have.  Some of us seem to have been born more wired to be psychic or Intuitive, but that doesn’t mean that people who aren’t are lacking this ability.  It just means it is out of practice.  I have been Intuitive since a small child.  I am primarily Clairsentient and Clairvoyant.  It was perceived by my loved ones that I was Hyper-Sensitive.  It was looked upon as a handicap or something unfortunate.  I owned this belief and worked very hard to shut down my intuition.  It re-surfaced again in my late teens and I was forced to look at it, and it has been in the past 20 years that I truly stepped out fully into my Intuitive abilities.
I am now offering a course called Tapping Into Your Divine Intuition which is based on my own experiences. in the course, I share what I have learned about how I receive information and work with my Intuition. While this may be completely different from person to person, you can use this class as a tool to tap into your own intuitive power, as it touches upon the similar gifts we all share, and how to use them.

Intuition speaks to us in a symbolic language at times.  In order to develop your intuition you need to TRUST, and PRACTICE.  It is like going to the gym and lifting weights.  Your muscles start to get more defined and bigger!  It is important to feel safe when you practice so participating with family members, friends, or Intuitive Circles is very helpful. For me, I started out by practicing my intuitive abilities while doing Reiki.  It helped me learn to trust what I was receiving and not thinking it over too much.  After a while I noticed more and more people were coming for a reading during their treatment rather than a treatment!  So that is when I felt nudged to put out Angelic Guidance Readings and I haven’t looked back since.

You can use your own Intuitive language to receive guidance and wisdom in how to recreate your life, make decisions in alignment with your soul purpose, how to avoid sabotaging situations, and to recognize when you are in the right place.  This is how your Intuition works for you!  You can offer it to others to help them see their own divine guidance, but primarily it should be used firstly for yourself.

Here is an outline of topics and techniques addressed in the course:

​Guidelines for Tapping into your Intuition:

1) Shielding techniques for protection.  

2) Grounding and centering yourself through meditation. 

3) Communicating – Ways to receive information from your intuition.  

4) Ways to Communicate –Writing, Oracle cards, holding personal effects or human touch.  

5) Closing the Session – How to cleanse your energy, bring your awareness back to your body and give thanks to the higher powers who guided you. 

With blessings,

Jessica Kozak

Balance your vibration with Mother Earth

I know many of us are feeling the unbalanced vibrations in our world that to me seem to be getting more and more intense each day. Being empathic it can be difficult for me to disengage from feeling things deeply. Especially seeing so much pain in the news and our world. I do admit to checking the news so I am not ignorant to what is going on but I do turn it off. I also don’t stay on social media I just check in. This helps me to not get overwhelmed. Getting out in nature and playing with my flowers and dogs keeps me feeling centered. These are things that help me stay grounded and anchored in my own self. Going outside and connecting to the elements makes me connect to the earth and her gifts. I breathe in the air, look at the sea, the trees, and realize these elements which are wild and not bound in time have seen more than I have seen and it puts me in the moment with a sense of awe. Being sensitive I often can feel shifts as they are happening and it can hit as a anxious wave of feeling then I turn on the news and see what happened and that wave of feeling leaves but when I feel those energy waves honestly I cringe a little like bracing for a big wave to hit. I know many of you are feeling the same way.

In times of change there is often chaos, darkness, and things tend to go hugely out of balance. Also keeping to our own personal inner work is still hugely important to not lose sight of as it assists in raising the Earth’s Consciousness. I have been praying a lot as it creates a feeling of peace within myself and a sense of contributing to the bigger web of energy that interconnects all of us and the earth and somehow this prayer passes into the storm that is raging in the world. Sending Grace, Calmness, Healing…..please join me in this prayer.

Jessica Kozak