Therapeutic Aromatherapy Certification Program

SoulPurpose Aromatherapy
SoulPurpose Aromatherapy Certification

Jessica Kozak Shaw is a Level 3 NAHA Certified Aromatherapist of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. She has been teaching aromatherapy to therapeutic professionals, such as nurses, mental health professionals and massage therapists, for over 10 years. 


She has also worked directly with Nursing Home professionals to bring the practice of Aromatherapy to their patients. Jessica is a Certified Reiki Master and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Jessica has been the owner and operator of the Soul Purpose since 2005 where she has practiced a wide variety of Alternative Medicine disciplines.

Certification Program class options


This class starts with the basics and background of aromatherapy and takes you through today's essential oil market and how they are commonly being used today. You will learn how essential oils interact with the body, how they may be able to help client/patients and how to use and practice aromatherapy safely. You will study 23 essential oils and work with some of them in a workshop. This class also covers simple essential oil solutions to common medical and mental health problems.


In the second class of the certification series you will take a deeper look at the science behind essential oils ad how they interact with the human body. You will study using aromatherapy during different life stages and how to use them for healthier living. You will then study working with patients/clients in a case study format. 10 More oils will be reviewed.


In the final class of the series, the class will review real life case studies that the students bring in. This in-depth review of the practical application of aromatherapy will give the students the "real life exposure" they need to have confidence in their knowledge. Also reviewed is the steps needed to begin a safe aromatherapy program in a therapeutic environment. There will also be a clinic in this final class where students will do consultations on volunteers.